I Blame Elvis

‘I blame Elvis Presley movies for my unflinching belief that Pigeon holes are for pigeons and labels are for kids clothes and lunch boxes’

I’m a child of the 60’s and grew up with Elvis movies playing in the background throughout my early life. And you only had to watch a few of these movies to realise that Elvis could drive a racing car, fly helicopters, sail boats, be a rodeo rider, be a boxer, fly on a trapeze, dive from high cliffs, be a tour guide, be a writer, work on a fairground, be a water ski instructor, be a doctor, a scuba diver, a photographer,  drive a tank in the army, fix cars, do karate and always end up with the girl. All of this while singing and dancing… The guy was a Legend, and I wanted to be Elvis.

So imagine my poor teachers when they asked what I wanted to be and do when I left school! Even now, in my mid 50’s, I still have no desire to settle into someones neat little box, and in my humble opinion neither should you.